A message from Sparzanza!

First question; who came up with the idea of the Lapland Tattoo Weekend? Second question; did you really have to arrange it in February?

I don't mind the idea, but man, I remember the cold from last time we played there a couple of years ago. Well, we had a really warm winter this year so this will be the first time my long-johns is used, and probably the only time too this winter.

Anyway, though it's gonna be the coldest days for us, we are really happy to go back to Torneå. We really hope that you will like our setlist this time too, and that you go as crazy as in 2010. I remember that the crowd was really good that time. I actually had to watch this clip on Youtube from LTW:

We are gonna give you some old songs aswell as some hits from the latest album "Folie à cinq". It is also gonna be fun to have Doom Unit as support this night, they were great on our last tour in Finland in october last year. Check them out too!

And well, I really hope your bodies will hurt from all your new tattoos, and that we can ease the pain with some good Swedish metal. And hey, anyone that comes up to us with a brand new Sparzanza Voodoo Doll tattoo is getting a reward from our merchandise! Can you resist that challenge?

Let's get tattooed! And see you soon!
Johan, Sparzanza